Hello and welcome to Skratchorama Records.

We are new to the scratch record game, but we want to use our experience in scratching to bring some new ideas and flavors to your tables.

“Since around 2004, scratching and turntablism in general has been a huge, if not the biggest part of my life. It gave me a sense of belonging and acceptance which was very rare for an introvert like me. Thanks to scratching I went places I’d never even dreamt of going and met so many people who think and feel just like me. It became an inseparable part of me and gave me the strength to pull through hard times. It also gave me the feeling of accomplishment and constant development which is very important in my life. I can’t imagine living a different life than I live now. I put all my work and time into turntablism, because it gave me so much I feel obligated to give it at least a part of it back. I hope the records I make will become a new inspiration for you and will give you as much fun scratching, as putting them together gave me.

I have to say THANK YOU to the guys from Cut and Paste Records (Symatic and Darcy D)! This wouldn’t be possible without your help and inspiration.

THANK YOU Maciek and Monika (ELADE) for believing in me and helping me throughout the years! You gave me so much positive energy and helped me so many times I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to pay you back!

THANK YOU Steve Nash for being so patient and always helping me with everything.There is no way to mention every person that inspired me and helped me over the years, so I’ll just say THANK YOU to everyone who I have met and who inspired me during my adventure with scratching.”

Damian Chmielix